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dotfiles / .elisp / settings / 50.localfuncs.el

;; advice to prevent ido from using flex matches on huge lists of files
;; with enough characters typed and blocking for an absurd amount of time
;; after a stupid typo
;; The value af-ido-flex-fuzzy-limit is the maximum value of the product
;; of the number of characters the user has entered and the number of
;; options in the ido list.
;; The default value was determined experimentally and seemed to be
;; the boundary of sane wait times when this was written.
(defvar af-ido-flex-fuzzy-limit (* 2000 5))
(defadvice ido-set-matches-1 (around my-ido-set-matches-1 activate)
  "Conditionally disable flex matching if the list is huge.

This is useful because when the ido list is huge, ido flex matching
spends an eternity in a regex if you make a typo."
  (let ((ido-enable-flex-matching (< (* (length (ad-get-arg 0)) (length ido-text))

;; Generic repository differ. Requires textmate.el and mercurial.el.
;; Will use monky or magit if either one is present.
(defun af-generic-diff-repo ()
  (let ((root (textmate-project-root)))
    (cond ((and (string= (textmate-project-root-type root) "hg") (fboundp 'monky-status)) (monky-status))
          ((and (string= (textmate-project-root-type root) "git") (fboundp 'magit-status)) (magit-status root))
          (t (progn
               (cd root)
                   ((format "project diff for %s" root))
                 (call-process (textmate-project-root-type root) nil t nil "diff")
                 (setq diff (not (= (point-min) (point-max))))
                 (cd root)))))))

(global-set-key [(control c)(t)(=)] 'af-generic-diff-repo)
(global-set-key [(control c)(d)] 'af-generic-diff-repo)

(defun af-rotate-list (l)
  "Move the head of l to the end of the list."
  (append (cdr l) (list (car l))))

(defun af-spacejoin (l)
  "Given list of strings l, join them with spaces and return.

Returns the empty string if l is nil."
  (if l
      (reduce '(lambda (x &optional y) (concat x " " (if y y))) l)

(defun pyflakes-this-buffer ()
  (compilation-start (concat "cd  "
                             (file-name-directory buffer-file-name)
                             "; pyflakes " (file-name-nondirectory
                     (lambda (mode) "*pyflakes*")))

(defun hg-check-code ()
  (textmate-start-compile-in-root "python contrib/check-code.py `hg man`"
                                  '(lambda (x) "*check-code*") ))

(defun fullscreen ()
  (set-frame-parameter nil 'fullscreen
                       (if (frame-parameter nil 'fullscreen) nil 'fullboth)))

(defun hg-rm-this-file ()
  (shell-command-to-string (concat "hg rm " (shell-quote-argument buffer-file-name))))

;; Lifted from http://code.google.com/p/ergoemacs/
(defun select-text-in-quote ()
  "Select text between the nearest left and right delimiters.
Delimiters are paired characters: ()[]<>«»“”‘’「」, including \"\"."
 (let (b1 b2)
   (skip-chars-backward "^<>(“{[「«\"‘")
   (setq b1 (point))
   (skip-chars-forward "^<>)”}]」»\"’")
   (setq b2 (point))
   (set-mark b1)

;; Most of this was extracted from show-paren-function in paren.el from an emacs 23 nightly
;; Also, it seems like this really ought to be builtin, but I can't find it.
(defun bounce-to-other-paren ()
  (let ((oldpos (point))
        (dir (cond ((eq (syntax-class (syntax-after (1- (point)))) 5) -1)
                   ((eq (syntax-class (syntax-after (point)))      4) 1)))
        pos mismatch face)
    ;; Find the other end of the sexp.
    (when dir
          ;; Determine the range within which to look for a match.
          (when blink-matching-paren-distance
             (max (point-min) (- (point) blink-matching-paren-distance))
             (min (point-max) (+ (point) blink-matching-paren-distance))))
          ;; Scan across one sexp within that range.
          ;; Errors or nil mean there is a mismatch.
          (condition-case ()
              (setq pos (scan-sexps (point) dir))
            (error (setq pos t mismatch t)))
          ;; Move back the other way and verify we get back to the
          ;; starting point.  If not, these two parens don't really match.
          ;; Maybe the one at point is escaped and doesn't really count.
          (when (integerp pos)
            (unless (condition-case ()
                        (eq (point) (scan-sexps pos (- dir)))
                      (error nil))
              (setq pos nil)))
    ;; Highlight the other end of the sexp, or unhighlight if none.
    (if (and pos (integerp pos))
        (goto-char pos)
      (message "No matching other paren found.")

(defun af-set-window-width (&optional columns)
  "Make selected window COLUMNS wide.

Interactively, if no argument is given, make selected window 80
columns wide.
  (interactive "p")
  (let* ((cols (if (or (not columns) (>= 0 columns)) 80 columns)))
    (shrink-window-horizontally (- (window-width) cols))))