Siddharth Agarwal committed 9aa8041

tests: assert compatibility with Mercurial 3.0

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 # latest Ubuntu LTS release (2.8.2 for 14.04 LTS) may be dropped if they
 # interfere with new development.  The latest released minor version should be
 # listed for each major version; earlier minor versions are not needed.
-all-version-tests: tests-2.8.2 tests-@
+all-version-tests: tests-2.8.2 tests-3.0 tests-@
 .PHONY: tests all-version-tests


 from git_handler import GitHandler
 import verify
-testedwith = '2.8.2'
+testedwith = '2.8.2 3.0'
 buglink = ''
 # support for `hg clone git://`