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When I attempt to pull from a remote git repository behind gitolite:

{{{ pulling from (remote git path ending in a slash) ["git-upload-pack 'usx.git/'"] usx.git/ ends with a slash; I don't like that abort: git remote error: The remote server unexpectedly closed the connection. }}}

The path I have stored in the hgrc does not end in a slash. This occurs with mercurial 1.9.x but not 1.8.4. Is this a hggit issue?

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  1. Anonymous

    This affects me as well. I'm doing an initial clone, and it gives me this error. I got around it by using a '/' to separate the repository name from the domain name instead of a ":". But this is a difinite confirmation that it's an issue.

  2. Anonymous

    ..that is, instead of:

    hg clone git+ssh://


    hg clone git+ssh://
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