Pushing silently fails

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This simple script can reproduce the problem: {{{ mkdir /tmp/Git cd /tmp/Git git init echo 'something' > myfile git add . git commit -m 'Started' cd .. hg clone /tmp/Git /tmp/Hg cd /tmp/Hg echo 'another thing' >> myfile hg ci -m 'Working' hg log

Two items listed

hg push cd ../Git git log

Only one item listed, but two expected


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  1. Dennis Schridde

    I have a similar problem with version 0.3.2 of hggit (dulwich 0.8.5) and 2.2.2 of hg. I cloned a git+ssh repo and added 2 additional paths to hgrc. I pulled from these repos and created a merge of the resulting 2 heads (one repo already had the other merged in). When I try to push that, there is no error message, but the remote never receives the changesets. I can also push again, and hggit will again try to push something and silently fail.

  2. Josh Rickmar

    The problem here is git won't allow pushing to a checked out branch, so you can do this instead (after committing a change to the hg repo):

    cd ../Git
    git checkout --detach HEAD
    cd ../Hg
    hg push
    cd ../Git
    git log # should see one commit, because you're not on the master branch
    git checkout master
    git log # should see both commits
  3. Josh Rickmar
    mkdir /tmp/git
    cd /tmp/git
    git init
    echo something > myfile
    git add .
    git commit -m "started"
    cd /tmp
    git clone --bare git git.bare
    hg clone git.bare hg
    cd /tmp/hg
    echo 'another thing' >> myfile
    hg commit -m "working"
    hg log # 2 commits
    hg push # push to /tmp/git.bare
    cd /tmp/git.bare
    git log # 2 commits
  4. Tom Anderson

    I am also getting silent failures to push. There is some output, but nothing suggesting a problem. I have tried 0.3.1 via MacPorts, and the tip as of this morning.

    What information could i provide that would help to debug this?

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