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Issue #33 resolved

More author name/email parsing issues

Keshav Kini
created an issue

Mercurial commits with mismatched angular brackets in the author field cause broken objects in the git repository being pushed to (objects that fail git fsck).

I'm not sure whether this is an hg-git bug or a dulwich bug, but I'm reporting it here since I encountered it while using hg-git.


{{{ fs@boone /tmp $ hg init hg && git init --bare git Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/git/ fs@boone /tmp $ cd hg && touch foo && hg add foo && hg commit -u "foo >typo@hgrc>" -m foo fs@boone /tmp/hg $ hg push ../git pushing to ../git exporting hg objects to git creating and sending data Unpacking objects: 100% (3/3), done. fs@boone /tmp/hg $ cd ../git && git fsck error in commit 2d129d655a93f6b264149e1cd56ebf8e195594bd: invalid author/committer line - bad name fs@boone /tmp/git $ git cat-file -p 2d12 tree 4d5fcadc293a348e88f777dc0920f11e7d71441c author foo >typo@hgrc <foo >typo@hgrc> 1326302488 +0800 committer foo >typo@hgrc <foo >typo@hgrc> 1326302488 +0800

foo fs@boone /tmp/git $ }}}

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