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Issue #50 invalid

Pushing quietly fails

Tom Anderson
created an issue

I commented about this on #30, but i thought i'd give more details here.

When i try to push my changes to a remote Git repository, i get some fairly innocuous output, and an error exit:

{{{ $ hg push; echo $? pushing to git+ssh://git@github.com:youdevise/MetamodelCriteriaDemo.git creating and sending data ["git-receive-pack 'youdevise/MetamodelCriteriaDemo.git'"] default::refs/heads/master => GIT:efcd6ee0 1 }}}

No changes arrive at the destination.

The Git repository is https://github.com/youdevise/MetamodelCriteriaDemo and there is a Mercurial repository at https://bitbucket.org/twic/metamodelcriteriademo .

I am using Mercurial 2.2.3+2-b3f005d3105a, hg-git 0.3.1-1~natty1, Dulwich 0.8.1-1~bazaar1~natty1, and Python 2.7.1+. This is on an up-to-date Ubuntu 11.04 Natty machine. I have seen the same problem on a Mac with the latest Mercurial and hg-git from MacPorts, and also with a recent tip version of hg-git.

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