Add in install section dulwich for python

Issue #55 wontfix
Brice Dutheil
created an issue

Not everyone is python expert.

imported python should be mentionned, like dulwich.

Also thx for the tool :)

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  1. David M. Carr

    I'm having difficulty understanding what you're requesting, so here's my guess. Are you requesting that in the "Dependencies" section of the README, where we list the supported versions of Mercurial and Dulwich, we also list the supported versions of Python?

  2. Brice Dutheil reporter

    Hi David,

    Yes that's exactly what I wanted to say. This is a gentle explanation of what is need to run the tool, as I had to search the net for what was dulwich, how to get it etc.

    Also sorry, reading me now makes me see how my comment was way too poor on details.

    Cheers, Brice

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