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Augie Fackler 1976e41 


echo "[extensions]" >> $HGRCPATH
echo "graphlog=" >> $HGRCPATH
echo "schemes=" >> $HGRCPATH
echo "remotebranches=$(echo $(dirname $(dirname $0)))/" >> $HGRCPATH

cat >> $HGRCPATH <<EOF

dotdot = ../{1}

FILTERPWD="sed s%$PWD/%%g"

function mkcommit()
    echo $1 > $1
    hg add $1
    hg ci -m "add $1" | grep -v 'created new head'

hg init alpha
cd alpha
mkcommit a
mkcommit b
hg branch stable
mkcommit c
cd ..
hg clone alpha beta | $FILTERPWD
cd beta
mkcommit d
hg co -C stable
hg merge default
hg ci -m 'merged'
cd ..

hg init gamma
cd gamma
cat > .hg/hgrc <<EOF
default = ../alpha
alpha = ../alpha
beta = dotdot://beta
hg pull | $FILTERPWD
hg pull beta | $FILTERPWD
hg co -C default
hg branch default
mkcommit e
hg merge stable
hg ci -m 'merging stable'

echo % graph shows tags for the branch heads of each path
hg log --graph