Remote branches not visible in hgview on Fedora Rawhide

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Russel Winder
created an issue

Using hgview on Debian Sid (Python 2.7.13, Python 3.5.3, Mercurial 4.0, hgview 1.9.0), I see, in a burnt orange colour, markers for branches such as default/default and mainline/default which appear to correspond to my understanding of the remote branch set up. Using hgview on Fedora Rawhide (Python 2.7.13, Python 3.6.1, Mercurial 4.2.1, hgview 1.9.0), but with the same hg-remotebranches plugin, these are not shown.

I am using a clone of this repository and in ~/.hgrc the line:

remotebranches = /home/Checkouts/Mercurial/Hg_RemoteBranches/

in the [extensions] section. Clearly it may be nothing to do with this extension, but given it is the same version of hgview, with what should be equivalent standard version of Python (except Python 3), raising a bug here seemed like the right first step.

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  1. Russel Winder reporter
    |> hg tip
    changeset:   54:39905e0e78cf
    tag:         default/default
    tag:         tip
    user:        Augie Fackler <>
    date:        Wed May 31 00:07:17 2017 -0400
    summary:     remotebranches: declare compatibility with many more versions
  2. Augie Fackler repo owner

    You're clearly not using Mercurial with Python 3. I know because it doesn't work.

    I just ran the tests from 39905e0e78cf in Mercurial 4.2.1, and they pass. Are you sure you actually have that revision checked out? Use hg summary and not hg tip

  3. Russel Winder reporter

    I'm using Mercurial as it comes with Fedora Rawhide:

    1004 anglides:/home/Checkouts/Mercurial/Hg_RemoteBranches (hg:default)
    |> which hg
    1005 anglides:/home/Checkouts/Mercurial/Hg_RemoteBranches (hg:default)
    |> head /usr/bin/hg
    # mercurial - scalable distributed SCM
    # Copyright 2005-2007 Matt Mackall <>
    # This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of the
    # GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.
    import os

    so clear with Python 2. Debian Sid is also using Python 2 to run the hg command.

    |> hg summary
    parent: 54:39905e0e78cf default/default tip
     remotebranches: declare compatibility with many more versions
    branch: default
    commit: 1 unknown (clean)
    update: (current)
  4. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Well, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try running the remotebranches tests against your hg (you'll need a clone of the upstream hg repo to get the script), but it'd be really surprised if the Fedora package for hg 4.2.1 was so broken as to make remotebranches fail tests only in Fedora.

  5. Russel Winder reporter

    OK, thanks for checking and reporting back. Since it is the same repository used for the Debian Sid and Fedora Rawhide, and the tags are there, and they are reported correctly using hg log -G, and you say it is a fixed bug, I am happy to say it is something weird with the Fedora Rawhide set up. I'll continue playing on the assumption this extension is fine (and thank you for the extension, it is great). If I find anything I'll report in here.

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