Patrick Mézard  committed 289f2c7

push: reset encoding before the final update

Before a9f315eae67c, all the rebase sequence including the update
was executed with the encoding reset to the native one. After the
change, the final update was left out and ran with UTF-8, which
fails for some badly shaped repository. Reset the correct encoding

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File hgsubversion/

             meta = repo.svnmeta(svn.uuid, svn.subdir)
             hashes = meta.revmap.hashes()
-        hg.update(repo, repo['tip'].node())
+        util.swap_out_encoding(old_encoding)
+        try:
+            hg.update(repo, repo['tip'].node())
+        finally:
+            util.swap_out_encoding()
         repair.strip(ui, repo, to_strip, "all")