Sean Farley committed 5a0da3b

util: try to load data using json

Currently, this will do nothing since no part of hgsubversion writes json but
that will happen in a future patch. The goal of this is to move away from
pickle completely but fallback to reading pickle if json fails.

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 import re
 import os
 import urllib
+import json
 from mercurial import cmdutil
 from mercurial import error
 def load(file_path):
-    """pickle load some data from a path.
+    """Deserialize some data from a path.
     data = None
-    if os.path.exists(file_path):
-        f = open(file_path)
+    if not os.path.exists(file_path):
+        return data
+    f = open(file_path)
+    try:
+        data = _convert(json.load(f), _descrub)
+    except ValueError:
+        # Ok, JSON couldn't be loaded, so we'll try the old way of using pickle
         data = pickle.load(f)
-        f.close()
+    f.close()
     return data
 def parseurl(url, heads=[]):