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Issue #103 invalid

KeyError: hgsubversion/maps.py", line 139, in __getitem__

Anonymous created an issue

Running HG1.3 and hgsubversion <<changeset ae35c389cdef>> when doing: $ hg clone https://somerepo/someproject test

it fails after aprox 20 revisions. When cloning https://somerepo/someproject/trunk it doesn't seem to fail in the same way.

{{{ unknown exception encountered, details follow report bug details to http://mercurial.selenic.com/bts/ or mercurial@selenic.com Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.3) Extensions loaded: churn, color, extdiff, fetch, gpg, graphlog, mq, transplant, rebase, zeroconf, hgk, hgshelve, svn Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/mvriens/bin/hg", line 27, in <module> mercurial.dispatch.run() File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 16, in run sys.exit(dispatch(sys.argv[1:])) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 27, in dispatch return _runcatch(u, args) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 43, in _runcatch return _dispatch(ui, args) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 449, in _dispatch return runcommand(lui, repo, cmd, fullargs, ui, options, d) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 317, in runcommand ret = _runcommand(ui, options, cmd, d) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 501, in _runcommand return checkargs() File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 454, in checkargs return cmdfunc() File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/dispatch.py", line 448, in <lambda> d = lambda: util.checksignature(func)(ui, *args, cmdoptions) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/util.py", line 370, in check return func(args, kwargs) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/extensions.py", line 103, in wrap util.checksignature(origfn), *args, kwargs) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/util.py", line 370, in check return func(args, kwargs) File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/wrappers.py", line 381, in clone update=not opts.get('noupdate')) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/hg.py", line 286, in clone dest_repo.clone(src_repo, heads=revs, stream=stream) File "/Users/mvriens/lib/python/mercurial/localrepo.py", line 2176, in clone return self.pull(remote, heads) File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/svnrepo.py", line 39, in wrapper return fn(self, *args, opts) File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/svnrepo.py", line 53, in pull return wrappers.pull(self, remote, heads, force) File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/wrappers.py", line 254, in pull tbdelta = meta.update_branch_tag_map_for_rev(r) File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/svnmeta.py", line 346, in update_branch_tag_map_for_rev ci = self.repo[self.tags[from_tag]].extra()['convert_revision'] File "/Users/mvriens/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/maps.py", line 139, in getitem raise KeyError() KeyError


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