Nested trunk when "hg clone"

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Shlomi Fish created an issue

After doing:

hg clone

I'm getting the following directory structure:

$ ls module-starter/

bin getting-started.html Makefile.PL perlcriticrc t

Changes lib MANIFEST README trunk

shlomi:~/progs/perl/cpan/Module/Starter/hg$ ls module-starter/trunk/

bin Changes lib Makefile.PL MANIFEST META.yml perlcriticrc README t

So there's a double trunk.

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  1. Dirkjan Ochtman

    The author of that repo has been stupid. He initialized tbt in r1, then initialized it again within the r1-created trunk in r2. In r11, /trunk was moved to /x, in r12 /x/trunk was moved to /trunk and in r13 /x was removed.

    hgsubversion creates an '../x' branch for r11, then closes the default branch. For r12, it creates a new default branch (based on the same cset as the '../x' for r11) and *also* puts all the files in a trunk dir in the ../x branch. For r13, it closes the ../x branch again.

    The funky part happens in what becomes changeset 10, (converted from r12), which sports the bare files (formerly from /trunk/trunk) in addition to the trunk directory.

  2. Yonggang Luo

    Augie, please assign this to me, it's resolved in my own hgsubversion fork, waiting for merge.

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