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David Frey created an issue

I reported this issue on the mailing list here ( http://groups.google.com/group/hgsubversion/browse_thread/thread/efb1d74e4b485c0e ) already, but I am re-posting it here so that it can be tracked properly.

I installed hgsubversion yesterday following these instructions: http://monkeyisland.pl/2009/11/04/hgsubversion-on-windows/

OS: Windows XP Subversion: 1.6.6 Mercurial: TortoiseHG 0.8.3 with Mercurial-1.3.1+7cea12e70129, Python-2.5.4, PyGTK-2.12.1, GTK-2.16.1 hgsubversion: 500:5ddc212dbc56 Subversion python bindings: svn-python-1.6.6.win32-py2.6.exe

Then I did this:

{{{ #! $ hg clone svn://server:port/project/trunk # Modify files in my clone $ hg commit -m "blah blah" $ hg pull # There were no changes made to the svn trunk $ hg push

When I did the push, I got this output: $ hg push pushing to svn://svnyvr1:50006/ipds/trunk searching for changes unknown exception encountered, details follow report bug details to http://mercurial.selenic.com/bts/ or mercurial@selenic.com Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.3.1+7cea12e70129) Extensions loaded: extdiff, mq, record, hgk, rebase, transplant, graphlog, hgshelve, svn Traceback (most recent call last): File "hg", line 36, in <module> File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 16, in run File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 30, in dispatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 46, in _runcatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 452, in _dispatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 320, in runcommand File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 504, in _runcommand File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 457, in checkargs File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 451, in <lambda> File "mercurial\util.pyo", line 402, in check File "mercurial\extensions.pyo", line 103, in wrap File "mercurial\util.pyo", line 402, in check File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\wrappers.py", line 410, in generic return orig(ui, repo, *args, opts) File "mercurial\util.pyo", line 402, in check File "mercurial\commands.pyo", line 2336, in push File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\svnrepo.py", line 43, in wrapper return fn(self, args, *opts) File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\svnrepo.py", line 53, in push return wrappers.push(self, remote, force, revs) File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\wrappers.py", line 154, in push pushmod.commit(ui, repo, old_ctx, meta, base_revision, svn) File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\pushmod.py", line 202, in commit props, newcopies) File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\svnwrap\svn_swig_wrapper.py", line 484, in commit self.pool) File "libsvn\delta.pyo", line 524, in svn_delta_path_driver File "C:\Documents and Settings\DFREY\MercurialExtensions\hgsubversion\hgsubversion\svnwrap\svn_swig_wrapper.py", line 478, in driver_cb wh_baton, pool) File "libsvn\delta.pyo", line 294, in svn_txdelta_send_txstream svn.core.SubversionException: ("Path '/src' not present", 160016) }}}

"src" is a subdirectory of trunk, but it is not a subdirectory of the Subversion repository root.

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