Repository URLs including spaces act erratically

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Issue #132 resolved
Afriza N. Arief created an issue


It may be similar to issue <<issue 104>>. But in this case the problem is when the repository path contain space. e.g.:

hg clone "svn+https://my-server/my-repo/my/project path" the error is {{{ abort: URL 'https://my-server/my-repo/my/project path' is malformed or the scheme or host or path is missing }}} if I change space with %20 the resulting hg repo is an empty repo.

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  1. Afriza N. Arief reporter

    Still need to handle the case when user entered

    hg clone "svn+https://my-server/my-repo/my/project%20path"

    The original URI is using space, but the user typed %20

  2. Augie Fackler repo owner

    This is expected behavior - you have to URI-encode paths for them to work with Subversion. Same for hgsubversion.

    Sorry I didn't take a look sooner, it's a busy holiday week here in the US.

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