push back several svn revisions fails.

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I did some commits into a svn repository cloned with hgsubversion. After that I wanted to push those changes back. Unfortunately pushing failed. First try gave a log like this:

{{{ hg push
pushing to http://user@server/svn/repo/ searching for changes
[r106] user: test mesage log. pulled 1 revisions
merging test/test.cpp
saving bundle to /home/build/repo-hg/.hg/strip-backup/c72eb3393f49-temp
adding branch
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 4 changesets with 3 changes to 2 files
rebase completed
abort: unknown revision '08f001ba0cf9ae2e43a3cb32d39069695f19f56b'! }}}

I'd like to mention that after this, the first revision to commit was actually pushed to the svn server. Checking the history log from mercurial, it shows that revision was indeed pushed, but then there was an empty revision with the same log message immediately after the actually pushed svn revision.

Doing hg outgoing will reveal that the "empty" mercurial revision is wanted to be pushed as well, but that will fail becuase hgsubversion won't push empty revisions into svn. 'hg rebase --svn' will fail as well, but I can't remember the message right now.

In case is relevant, I'm working on a svn branch, this is, I'm not trying to push into the default branch.

Everytime I have the problem I manage to take out the "invalid" empty mercurial revision, and after that I can push again. I need to repeat this procedure until I reach the last but one (tip-1) revision. In this case, both last revisions will be pushed without problems.

This all happens with this 'hg svn version': {{{ hg: 1.3.1 svn bindings: 1.6.4 hgsubversion: 89eda60c90b3 }}}

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    'hg push' retry after a failure when pushing:

    hg push
    pushing to http://user@server/repo/
    searching for changes                                                            
    Could not push revision 34ecf960aa95 because it had no changes in svn.

    'hg rebase --svn' after a failure when pushing:

    Already up to date!               
  2. Former user Account Deleted


    I hope this is a good clue. I bumped into this bug again with hgsubversion r601:0fe490ce2fbb and mercurial 1.5.1. I got to finally push all the commits once I disabled inotify.

    Acording to an IRC conversation with durin42, it turns out that programatical use of rebase in hgsubversion with inotify is broken somehow.

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