pushmod.py:_isdir fail on windows if branchpath is ""(empty string)

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Issue #145 resolved
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I have a follow assert when to try push changes to svn:

{{{ D:\Data\Python\rpc_server>hg push pushing to svn+http://svn/trunk/rpc-server searching for changes

svn: In file 'C:\Projects\subversion-1.6.6\subversion\libsvn_ra\ra_loader.c' line 622: assertion failed (*path != '/') }}}

so i change _isdir like this: {{{ def _isdir(svn, branchpath, svndir): try: if branchpath == '': svn.list_dir('%s%s' % (branchpath, svndir)) else: svn.list_dir('%s/%s' % (branchpath, svndir))

    return True
except core.SubversionException:
    return False

}}} And it's work in my case

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