Automatically create new SVN branches from hg branches

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Issue #15 new
Peter Hosey created an issue

When pushing changes that created a new branch in the hg repository, hgsubversion should automatically create branches in the Subversion repository that don't yet exist.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    This should be an optional method of pushing - it's also possible the push should send the changesets to the parent branch in Subversion without creating a new branch.

  2. Peter Hosey reporter

    … it's also possible the push should send the changesets to the parent branch in Subversion without creating a new branch.

    That behavior would surprise me.

  3. Luke Opperman

    Have to agree I'd expect branches to be synchronized. I suppose I'm thinking of cases where subversion is the master. If you had limited commit access to a subversion repo or were cloning it and primarily tracking upstream changes you'd want it to be optional and be able to normally reserve branching for hg-only.

    Anyways, aren't we just talking about having a property on csets for whether subversion knows the branch? So have an 'hg svn branch' command that can be used same as hg branch, and additionally sets the subversion-knows flag. Don't know what --unset would mean after it had gone out though, or how this interacts more generally with actual subversion branches / deleting same.

  4. Augie Fackler repo owner

    As of now, no.

    Note that while I'm interested in the tagging from hg feature, I personally lack motivation on this issue (creating branches). I might get to it eventually, but someone motivated enough to provide a patch will definitely beat me to that...

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    My use case: external contractor hired to create feature-x

    My setup: SVN <-> svn-hg

    I create a feature-x branch in svn-hg, put all of my code in it, merge back to default, and then push. The result in SVN is a nicely branched feature that is then merged back to the trunk. I may not even merge back to default to give the client the chance to review the work before they choose to merge.

  6. Arne Babenhauserheide

    I just got bit by the expectation that creating the branch would work. Luckily I did the push with safe changes, so no puppies got harmed, but it was quite surprised.

    Does it work, if I checkout the repo with SVN first, then create the branch and then push?

    A minimal measure to do would be (imo) to deny pushing a change if it will not end up on the same branch as on the branch in Mercurial - or at least requiring -f.

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