Retry when connection is closed during initial pull

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Carsten Lenz created an issue

I pulled from a 3000 revisions SVN-Repo and around rev ~2000 pull crashed with "Connection forcibly closed by remote host" and deleted progress until then. So my one and a half hour pull until then was gone. There could be a maybe 3 retry mechanism in place when initially pulling or so.

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  1. kampfcaspar

    Alternative: Continually saving pulled data such that a simple 'hg pull' in the "incomplete" directory goes on...

  2. Dennis Schridde

    Most annoying is that the target directory is deleted on such occasions.

    What would be nice is if hgsubversion could leave the target directory in a consistent state when such thing happens, so that I could later resume with hg pull without causing any corruption.

    What I currently do is:

    hg clone -r1 $URL $DIR
    cd $DIR
    while ! hg pull -u ; do : ; done

    I get this a lot during abovementioned process:

    abort: ("Server sent unexpected return value (503 Service Unavailable) in response to REPORT request for ''", 175002)

    It aborts for various revisions, which appears to corrupt the resulting repository after a while.

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