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Issue #159 resolved
Martijn Pieters created an issue

When cloning from a large subversion repo (large here is loads of revisions //and// loads of projects) the clone progress meter is rather useless. We don't know up-front how many revisions are to be imported, so the total is set to the max revnum to scan. But the counter itself only counts the number of imported revisions, which in a multi-project svn repo will never match the max revnum.

My proposal is to use the currently imported revnum as the counter instead. This way the progress bar actually shows you how far you are between rev 1 and max revnum, something mildly more useful.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    I've got a better change to the progress bar I'll push - use the revnum - the first revnum seen instead of cnt and the HEAD - first revnum seen for total.

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