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Issue #183 wontfix
NicolasL created an issue

In my svn I have a project currently at one place: https://svn.myhost/repos/product/webapps/mywebapp In its history this project used to be at another place https://svn.myhost/repos/components/mywebapp

If I do: {{{ $ hg clone svn+https://svn.myhost/repos/product/webapps/mywebapp ... }}} it correctly clones my project but I have only half of the history

I can get the first svn revsion with: {{{ $ hg svn info -r 0 ... }}} It is Revision: 15840

See the svn log for this revision: {{{ $ svn log https://svn.myhost/repos/product/webapps/mywebapp -v -r15840

r15840 | nlalevee | 2009-10-14 14:25:33 +0200 (Wed, 14 Oct 2009) | 2 lines Changed paths: D /components/mywebapp A /product/webapps/mywebapp (from /components/mywebapp:15839)

move mywebapp


Subversion correctly follow the history of this project

If I get a full log with: {{{svn log https://svn.myhost/repos/product/webapps/mywebapp}}}

the listed revsions go down to the first commit that created the project: r7922

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  1. Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen

    You can work around this in a relatively simple manor: First, you do a ‘hg clone -r 15839 https://svn.myhost/components/mywebapp’. Then set the default path in ‘.hg/hgrc’ to ‘https://svn.myhost/repos/product/webapps/mywebapp’. Finally, do a ‘hg pull’ of the remainder of the history.

    Our developer resources are quite limited, and considering the simple workaround, I'm resolving this as WONTFIX. It's not entirely clear to me, either, that a user explicitly cloning e.g. /repo/b would expect to also clone the prior history in /repo/c just because ‘c’ was created by copying or renaming ‘b’.

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