Duplicate tags when pulling from subversion repository

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Issue #198 wontfix
Simao Mata created an issue


hgsubversion is importing the same tag two times with different names when using the standard svn layout.

For example:

{{{ tip 1664:a65d499d3435 PROJECT_v5_18_3 1663:8f67b99b6e15 PROJECT_v5_18_2 1658:a62294c4fb6a PROJECT_v5_18_1 1646:b39a1a9d1e42 PROJECT_v5_18_1/trunk 1644:4c7a8fc4fb24 PROJECT_v5_18_0 1640:2aef40627132 PROJECT_v5_17_11 1637:f2c9734cb62a PROJECT_v5_17_10 1633:42546c535188 PROJECT_v5_17_9/trunk 1625:b1d3f6fbd80e PROJECT_v5_17_9 1624:9f81dfbedbe3 PROJECT_v5_17_8 1619:96f95d841eb2 PROJECT_v5_17_7 1617:6a30dff5d4ed }}}

v5_17_9 and v5_18_1 are repeated, with tag names PROJECT_v5_17_9/trunk and PROJECT_v5_18_1/trunk respectively.

I say they are repeated because there is only one SVN tag named PROJECT_v5_17_9 and one SVN tag named PROJECT_v5_18_1.

Probably more info will be needed, please let me know how to get it.

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  1. Yonggang Luo

    Please review if the original svn repo got an path with tags/PROJECT_v5_17_9/trunk It's the problen of svn, not hgsubversion.

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