hgsubversion tests fail on MacOS 10.6

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Issue #215 wontfix
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Most of the hgsubversion tests fail with the OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files. Ran 454 tests in 219.909s FAILED (errors=108). This happens on a fresh hgsubversion clone as of 2010-10-08. The number of open file descriptors is set to 1024.



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  1. Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen

    There is a known bug in Subversion which can trigger the exact results you're seeing. When using the Subvertpy wrapper compiled against Subversion 1.6.0 through 1.6.11, this bug will cause the test suite to exhaust file descriptors. This includes the Subversion versions included with Mac OS X 10.6.

    I'm closing this WONTFIX, as this isn't a bug in hgsubversion. If your environment does not match what I described, please re-open the bug.

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