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Issue #220 wontfix
Gijs Kruitbosch created an issue

When doing a clean clone on a company repo, I end up with one file being corrupted. The clone completes cleanly and everything seems fine and dandy, but doing "hg svn verify" recognizes that this file is corrupted.

Because it's a private repo, I can't give you access to the repo, but I'd be very happy to follow some instructions to try to determine what's wrong. Is there some way to do a bisect of some kind so I can figure out which revision is the problem? I tried doing a partial pull using 'startrev', but it complains it only works on single directories.

This is all done using the latest bitbucket default branch of hgsubversion, and hg 1.4.3 (Linux Mint).

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Without a public example of the corruption you're seeing, any attempts at debugging will only be frustrating for everyone involved. If you can come up with an example repository that exhibits something that might be related to your defect, please reopen this bug.

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