Using both hgsubversion and hggit breaks hggit

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Issue #241 resolved
Eduard-Cristian Stefan created an issue

When both hgsubversion (60948939555d) and hggit (0.2.4 | 0.2.5 | 240573913439) are enabled in TortoiseHg 1.7.2, hgsubversion works ok but hggit crashes like this:

OTOH, hgsubversion 1.2 seems to work fine along hggit.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    I use tip of both extensions regularly. Rather than do user support here, can you email with the answers to the following:

    • What order are the extensions activated in your hgrc?
    • Output of hg version --svn
    • Exact version/revision of hg-git in use.
    • That traceback link.


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