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Stepan Koltsov created an issue

Currently each commit in SVN repository becomes commit in Mercurial repository.

If subversion repository contains several projects, and I'm converting single project to Mercurial, commits to other project become empty commit in Mercurial repository)


  • svn-repo-root/my-project/trunk
  • svn-repo-root/other-project/trunk

I'm converting "my-project", and commits to "other-project" become empty commits in Mercurial.

Please skip these commits.

I'm using hgsubversion from 30 Nov 2010.

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  1. Yonggang Luo

    How to test for this? svn-repo-root/my-project/trunk svn-repo-root/other-project/trunk I think hg clone svn-repo-root/my-project won't affected by other-project.

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