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Issue #249 invalid

Does not handle embedded hg repos

Anonymous created an issue

Looks like somebody checked in a project to our svn that includes an embedded Mercurial repo. The problem is when I try and update using hgsubversion, hg blows up because of this embedded repo. Is it possible to have it ignore '.hg' directories from the svn repo?

$ hg update -C abort: path 'ext/libs/ext-lib/.hg/00changelog.i' is inside repo 'ext/libs/ext-lib'

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    You can use the filemap flag to filter things out. See hg help svn and hg help convert for more details (hgsubversion's filemap uses the same syntax as convert.) If you need more help, I'd recommend the hgsubversion Google Group, since that has more people monitoring it than this issue tracker.

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