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Issue #267 wontfix
Alex Mayfield created an issue

Many instructions listed for checking out a subversion repository include a destination directory, in the form of:

{{{ svn co http://my.repository.url/directory/project dest-directory }}}

If you're careless and copy everything after the "svn co" without skipping the destination directory when using something like TortoiseHG, the message generated is thus:

{{{ abort: URL 'http://my.repository.url/directory/project dest-directory' is malformed or the scheme or host or path is missing (SVN_ERR_RA_ILLEGAL_URL) }}}

After being tripped up by this and having the obvious pointed out in IRC, it was suggested that perhaps this error message could be clarified in a "Did you mean..." sort of way if hgsubversion thinks that you might have included the destination directory in the repository URL by accident. My naive solution would be to look for a space in the repo URL, which shouldn't happen if you're using hgsubversion at the command line but is possible using a GUI tool like TortoiseHG.

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