can't push changes to svn: can't find svn parent of a merge revision

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Trying to use mercurial as local client for central svn repository

  1. working, commit local changes to local repository
  2. pull changes from svn repository
  3. merge changes
  4. push changes to svn

can't push with the next message: abort: Sorry, can't find svn parent of a merge revision

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Experiencing the same problem here, it makes hgsubversion almost unusable when repo is used more than one commiter :(

    I'm using TortoiseHG 2.0.2 (based on Mercurial 1.8.1) and the latest hgsubversion on both windows and linux.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I think that this issue is some kind of invalid, the manual says that rebase should be used to bring local changes into svn repo.

    But it would be nice to print not "Sorry, can't find svn parent of a merge revision", but something like "Sorry, no merges are supported, use rebase to put your changes together" or at least a hint that it could be not an error, but a simple misuse of the extension.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Christopher Allen-Poole

    I've actually been thinking about this and I would like to see two things happen:

    1. A warning when you call merge (merge invalidates the ability to commit to SVN or some such)
    2. The ability to push a change set (say through a custom command) en masse to SVN. If needs be dummy change sets would be used to sync subversion with the local HG repository.
  4. Bogdan Mart

    If using local branches than ok... we may use rebase but what about real branches in SVN repository.

    hgsubversion can commit ordinary changes to different branches, but we'd like to use Mercurial to merge SVN branches (svn merge is awful) but i can't rebase it... it says nothing to rebase.

  5. Marius B

    Hi everyone!! Maybe after more than 5 years the time has come when this issue could be solved somehow?

    I like Mercurial very much but I am forced to use SVN at work.

    Maybe somebody came up with some hack or something that would allow pushing changes after merge?

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