Branches not detected correctly when all additions are in one subfolder

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Issue #279 resolved
StephenKestle created an issue

I have an old svn repository that I'm trying to pull, and I've noticed (amongst other things: that it's not creating the branches correctly:

My initial branch commits are fully contained within {{{/branches/2.4.x/ProjectA}}} and so hgsubversion creates the branche for "ProjectA" instead of "2.4.x". I'm not sure if this is what's creating my issue, but it's really annoying, since it looks like I won't be able to use branches properly at all.

I've set {{{layout=standard}}} on a new repo, but it's still pointing at the wrong url.

As a workaround, is there some way I can inform hgsubversion of the exact top level branch urls that I want? (e.g. {{{branches/2.4.x}}} etc)

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Are you still using that ancient svn server version? Replay would have a hope of doing a ton better.

  2. StephenKestle reporter

    Yep - I'll get that sorted by IT :0. Also, I think this is compounded due to this repository being dumped and partially imported from another (to separate from other related products). It's hard to tell what they were doing back in 2002 ;)

  3. StephenKestle reporter

    An upgrade was started months ago, but the migration to a new server has been stalled. Hopefully, I'll be able to update this ticket by the end of May with the results of running against svn 1.6...

  4. StephenKestle reporter

    Our company upgraded to SVN 1.6 last weekend (finally!), and it fixed the problem.

    Then I got overambitious and tried to pull a svn "super"-repository, and found out how mercurial really wants to know about trunk,branch,tags to figure things out (at the top level that is)...

    Thanks for the help

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