Failed to authenticate with BasicAuth

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Florent Le Coz created an issue

What I did: hg clone […] hg push

and I got the attached traceback.

Setting [hgsubversion] username = user password = passwd

didn’t change anything.

BUT changing the path from to

did the trick, and the push was successful.

hg subversion should prompt for these crendentials if not provided, or use them if they are provided in the conf file (in the [hgsubversion] section, as username and password values).

Or at least it should not traceback but explain how to put the credentials in the right place.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I just ran into this one myself; I have a svn repo that I have already cloned using hgsubversion, when I attempted to pull recent changes I ran into an authorization failure and traceback. path is: default=svn+

    Just to verify, I added the password (default=svn+ ) and re-attempted the pull: it worked fine.

    I then removed the pwd, assuming that it would fail again, but it succeeded (pwd must get cached when the pull is executed).

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