Pull gets really confused when a branch is moved out into it's own trunk

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I had a situation where svnRepo/MyProject/branches/clientCode was moved to svnRepo/clientCode/trunk.

This resulted in a branch called "../" being created, and all default/trunk commits after the move attempted to apply to the ../ (clientCode) branch.

The workaround is

to find the trunk commit directly after the move

strip the revision from my hg checkout (the second one on branch ../)

remove all stripped revisions in the rev_map (the second one on branch ../ onwards)

replace branch_info with version before the move (I just kept making copies of the svn directory as it was pulling; is there an easier way?)

continue pulling

My corrupt branch_info: {{{ (dp1 N(NI0 I4427 tp2 sS'../' p3 (S'client' I5734 I5735 tp4 sS'1.0.x' p5 (NI4523 I4537 tp6 s.


The correct branch_info (before the move): {{{ (dp1 N(NI0 I4427 tp2 sS'1.0.x' p3 (NI4523 I4537 tp4 sS'client' p5 (NI0 I4506 tp6 s. }}}

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