Exception when pulling data from Subversion repositories

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Mark Hadfield created an issue

I get the exception shown in the attached file with all attempts to clone or pull data from a Subversion repository. I have tested several repositories with the same result.

Configuration is: hg 1.9.2 with Python 2.6.5 on Cygwin. (I get the same behaviour from TortoiseHg GUI or command-line client.) HgSubversion tag 1.3 or tip show the same behaviour.

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  1. Mark Hadfield reporter

    Yes I chose a publicly accessible repository for the example I gave. See earlier attachment for details.

    PS: I'm not sure if this statement is correct: "I get the same behaviour from TortoiseHg GUI or command-line client." TortoiseHg+HgSubversion is now working correctly for me. The situation has been confused by a breakage on my Windows desktop machine, forcing a move to another one.

  2. Mark Hadfield reporter

    I can confirm what I said in my comment 11 days ago: this is a Cygwin-only bug. (Contrary to what I originally said, it does not occur with TortoiseHg). It has cropped up some time in the last month or two and occurs on a couple of different machines with Cygwin. It is not related to the HgSubversion version. So perhaps it is related to the version of the Cygwin Python, Subversion or the Python-Subversion bindings. Or maybe some obscure Cygwin configuration details that I have changed??

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