Upon cloning SVN repository files are missing?

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Zane Cahill created an issue


I cloned the magento SVN repository at http://svn.magentocommerce.com/source/branches/1.6 a few weeks back and essentially received version, there were no errors during the cloning. This is the "golden" copy and projects are cloned from this if doing any development. A couple of days back I pulled the latest updates ( with no errors (shown from TortoiseHG anyway) and following this pulled the updates into one of the development projects. I then started receiving errors in the project and noticed from debugging that a number of files were missing such as:


Checking the "golden" repository they were not present either. I made a fresh clone using hg CLI and again these problem files were missings. I then checked out the repository to the same revision (127755) using SVN and merged the two to find roughly 36 files missing from the hgsubversion clone/latest pull (a patch of the problem files is attached along with the previous pull of

Although the problem is fixable by re-merging with a SVN checkout, it is an additional step and the issue is potentially noticing in the first place. When as granular as a file it is easier, but I am unaware if anything smaller is potentially being missed as no errors seem to be thrown.

TortoiseHG v1.7.3, hgsubversion 841 (6c4d15d8cfbd)

Any feedback is appreciated,


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