Import of bundle created unwanted change set in hg repository

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Vidyalakshmi created an issue

How to reproduce:
1. Create a svn repository.(<svnRepo_URL>)
2. Create a Hg repository(HgRepo1) and do "hg pull <svnRepo_URL> and hg update
3. Create another Hg repository(HgRepo2) and import bundle file created from HgRepo1.
4. Checkout svn repository to a folder and modify some files and do commit.
5. Do "hg pull <svnRepo_URL> and hg update from the hg repository(HgRepo1).
6. Create the bundle files in HGRepo1.
7. Import bundle file created in step#7 in HgRepo2.
8. Unwanted change set is created in HgRepo2. Verify using Repository explorer of TortoiseHg. If, unwanted change set is not observed, repeat step #4 to #8 one more time.

Version used:
TortoiseHg v1.1.9.1
Windows Server 2008 R2
Procedure followed to setup hgSubversion:

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