non-zero start revisions are only supported for single-directory clones?

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Fun Xue created an issue

I have a svn repository whose layout was not standard (with trunk/branches/tags) until revision 490. So, the question is how could I clone the repository with the standard layout?

If I use this command: {{{ hg clone --startrev 490 --layout standard }}} It fails with the message: {{{ abort: non-zero start revisions are only supported for single-directory clones. }}}

But, if I use the command without --startrev: {{{ hg clone --layout standard }}} It seems to hang at revision 490 forever with a message like this: {{{ [r490] sjfink: attempt to introduce tags and trunk pull [=====> ] 489/4291 2h31m }}}

So, how can I use hgsubversion to clone the svn repository with its tags/branches converted to mercurial's tags/branches even if the layout of the svn repository is not standard initially?

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

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    hgsubversion should walk the history of HEAD back and get only the standard-layout history in a smart way, so try just:

    hg clone

    It'll probably take a _LONG_ time to get the first revision (490), as it's probably going to have to backfill a ton of data from the server.

  2. Fun Xue reporter

    Yes, this command reports it uses "standard layout"!

    hg -v clone

    Also, yes, I left the command running overnight, it indeed went through r490. Not sure exactly how long it took, probably within the range of 4-12 hours.

    However, in fact, I don't need the old histories of the repository. I care only about the most recent changes right after when the last tag in the svn repository was introduced (revision 4027).

    And I knew I could clone the svn repo within 20 minutes with this command:

    hg clone --startrev 4027 --layout single

    But it uses single layout, and all tags/branches in the svn repo become a lot of separated directories in the cloned repo.

    So, the question is how can I enable "standard layout" for --startrev so I can clone the repo quickly AND get actual tags/branches?

    Thank you!

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