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Issue #357 new

Cloning an empty (rev 0) svn repo doesn't let you push

Gary Kramlich
created an issue

If you create an svn repo and try to work on it directly with hg before committing any revs with svn, you can't push to it. See the example below.

I realize this is a corner case and I'm not expecting it to be fixed, just wanted to bring it up so it could maybe get added to documentation. If it is documented, I apologize for not seeing it.

{{{ grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion$ svnadmin create --fs-type=fsfs test-svn grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion$ hg clone file:///home/grim/hgsubversion/test-svn test-svn-co no changes found updating to branch default 0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion$ cd test-svn-co/ grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion/test-svn-co$ cat >> .hgignore syntax: glob .*.swp grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion/test-svn-co$ hg st ? .hgignore grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion/test-svn-co$ hg add .hgignore grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion/test-svn-co$ hg ci -m "added .hgignore" grim@cloak:~/hgsubversion/test-svn-co$ hg push pushing to file:///home/grim/hgsubversion/test-svn searching for changes no changes found }}}

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