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Konstantin Tkachenko created an issue

I've imported a part of svn repository and used HG for a while as a kind of "SVN Client".

Cause we have some files/directory in non-ascii encoding I tried the fixutf8 extension. To not to be forced to rename all the problematic files/directories cause of Mercurial restrictions.

I've used add/remove in Mercurial after enabling the extension on the first clone. And for sure I've also cloned this part of repository (this time without startrev) again.

Comparing both of them I've noticed, that there is a difference between tracked files in the hg clone (without uncommited changes/local commits) and the svn-repository.

See attachments.

The difference is not essential in my case, but could be critical in other places.

I hope I'll be able to provide needed information for the debugging. Cloning of complete svn repo takes more then 2 hours and makes my computer unusable that time.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Subversion normalizes filenames to utf8 internally - you shouldn't need fixutf8 unless your filesystem encoding isn't utf8.

    I have no idea how fixutf8 and hgsubversion interact, but I imagine it's "badly."

    Can you make a sample small repository and svnadmin dump it for us, along with a bash script or something to demonstrate the bugs?

  2. Konstantin Tkachenko reporter

    I've noticed, that the difference comes from the corrupted svn working copy. SVN repository didn't get unsynchronized from the hg-clone - only the corrupted working copy... Sorry for false alarm.

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