Latest hgsubversion release almost completely breaks mercurial-2.3-1.mga3

Issue #361 resolved
Shlomi Fish
created an issue

If I install mercurial-2.3-1.mga3 and hgsubversion-1.4-1.mga3 from the Magia Linux repositories (latest versions of both), and then add the line "hgsubversion =" to my .hgrc, then doing:



$ hg st . abort: No module named repo! $ hg clone ssh:// abort: repository 'ssh://' is not local remote: X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0 }}}

Both of these operations succeed without the "hgsubversion =" line. Please make a new release with fixed functionality, so I can package it for Mageia Linux. Right now I'm using the hgsubversion tip.

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  1. Shlomi Fish reporter

    @Agus Sugianto Fackler: well, I am getting the "X11 forwarding request" warning on every hg clone with ssh: - it seems to be global to ssh, so nothing to worry about here.

    Regarding the bisect - I tried to use it, and it does not behave properly. It emits nothing on output - completely silent here is a sample session with it:

    shlomif@telaviv1:/home/hgsvn-to-delete/hgsubversion$ hg up
    0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
    shlomif@telaviv1:/home/hgsvn-to-delete/hgsubversion$ hg bisect --reset
    shlomif@telaviv1:/home/hgsvn-to-delete/hgsubversion$ hg bisect --good 1.4

    What am I supposed to do with that?


    -- Shlomi Fish

  2. James Polley (Atlassian)

    I don't understand why this is marked as resolved. I've got the latest versions of hg and hgsubversion (as installed by pip) but I'm still getting this error - commenting out "hgsubversion = " fixes it.

    jpolley@auchard:$pip freeze | grep -e hg -e mercurial hgsubversion==1.4 mercurial==2.3.1

  3. dak180

    I would guess that what this issue is really asking for is a tagged release that works with 2.3 so it can be packaged for release in various distributions; not a fix to the problem of hgsubversion not working with HG 2.3.

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