some svn repository seems to be buggy when using hgsubversion

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hg clone svn+ bibo-ontology [r3] bdarcus: added ontology dirs [r4] fredonsomething: [r5] fredonsomething: Fixed dcterms:BibliographicResource [r6] fredonsomething: First version of documentation page. [r7] fredonsomething: Added a quick introduction [r8] fredonsomething: DOAP file of this project [r10] bdarcus: remvoved some tabs that were causing rdflib to choke [r12] mdiggory: Set mime-type property on files in trunk. [r13] mdiggory: Set mime-type property on files in trunk. Correction mime-type [r14] bdarcus: added missing address:localityName property to docs [r16] fredonsomething: Fixed the URL to the tag 1.0 bibo.n3 file [r18] fredonsomething: Fixed typo [r19] bdarcus: changed vs: to bibo: [r21] bdarcus: added back bibo:ReferenceSource [r22] bdarcus: added bibo:WebPage, removed 'HTML' reference in comment [r23] bdarcus: added chapter locator, with domain of BookSection (rather than C [r24] bdarcus: added bibo:chapter [r25] bdarcus: changed bibo:chapter to unstable status [r26] bdarcus: removing duplicate bibo:chapter; oops ;-) [r27] fredonsomething: Fixed bibo:uri [r31] fredonsomething: Fixed mime type for the trunk file. [r32] fredonsomething: Add a new XML file serialization for BIBO [r33] fredonsomething: Version 1.2 of bibo. This new version is OWL 1.1 & OWL 2 [r34] fredonsomething: New about file [r35] fredonsomething: New documentation for bibo abort: Unknown node kind for ' trunk/doc/individuals/http:/'

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  1. jabbah

    I als got this abort: Unknown node kind for ' [command returned code 255 Tue Oct 30 10:32:48 2012] using hgsubversion rev 8417be758047and also wih rev 77b22e5b4ea6 Also when using the pull protocol. However I was able to get a copy of the SVN repository by setting the start revision to some recent revision and using the trunk. Of course now you miss the tags and branches.

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