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Issue #364 new

Support for svn:keywords

Konstantin Tkachenko
created an issue

I wanted to use svn:keywords with hgsubversion.

I was not sure about how should I do it from hg working directory and added the svn:keywords subversion property on the concerned file.

Then I pulled changes in hg and added a string in the source code (const CBla = '$Rev$;')

After pushing it to svn server I got (const CBla = '$Rev: 12345 $') in svn log and (const CBla = '$Rev$;') in the hg one.

That's why I assume, that there is no support for svn:keywords up to now.

I've found reference to Keyword Extension to implement similar functionality but I don't know how to extract subversion revision...

Is it supported? Could you giveme please some examples?

Thanks a lot.

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