files deleted in SVN repo are automatically readded during hg rebase

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Former user created an issue

Tools involved (Windows 7 x64): TortoiseHg 2.6.1 x64 Hg 2.4.1 (internal rebase extension enabled) * SVN accessed via http

Steps to reproduce (all hg actions done through tortoise): 1. Clone a SVN repo with hg. 2. Locally commit some changesets in hg. Do not push yet. 3. Another developer deletes some folders and its child files and directly commits to SVN. 4. Pull from SVN. 5. Rebase. 6. Push to SVN. 7. First changeset from step 2 now shows the deleted files as part of itself. Looking at a diff to parent says the files are identical.

Problem: Folders and child files deleted in step 3 are back in the repo.

Expected Behavior: Deleted folder and child files do not get readded.

Workaround: Apparently the other developer had problems trying to resolve the problem in SVN. I was able to redelete the files in my working hg copy, commit, and push and that resolved the issue for the other developer.

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