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Issue #395 new

Empty commit to an open branch attempted

Will Harris
created an issue

I have the same problem as issue #343. I tried to attach a sample script there, but bitbucket wouldn't let me, so I've made this ticket instead.

As the script shows, there is an error reported, "Empty commit to an open branch attempted" with a request to report the problem.

This is preventing me from migrating my SVN repository.

[r1] pxadmin: structure
[r2] pxadmin: added foobar
[r3] pxadmin: add test_tag
[r4] pxadmin: tag from trunk to test_tag
[r5] pxadmin: adding branches under test_tag
[r6] pxadmin: copy from tagged trunk to tagged branch
[r7] pxadmin: deleted test_tag
[r8] pxadmin: created nested tags
[r9] pxadmin: copy from tagged trunk @r4 to nested tag branch
[r10] pxadmin: added branches under test_tag
abort: Empty commit to an open branch attempted. Please report this issue.

Comments (1)

  1. Will Harris reporter

    The script mimics a set of commits to my real repository. I have no idea what the guy who did those was thinking, but that's the repository I've got to work with...

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