symlink problem when file is replaced

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Issue #40 resolved
Eric Firing created an issue

I did "hg svnclone" on matplotlib:

It worked through 5514, but failed on 5515. The traceback is attached. I was able to make it get past that point (using hg svn pull) with the following diff:

efiring@manini:~/programs/py/hgsubversion$ hg diff diff -r 40474f6c1f84 --- a/ Thu Dec 11 19:49:36 2008 -0600 +++ b/ Fri Dec 12 10:38:44 2008 -1000 @@ -380,8 +380,8 @@ is_link = self.current_files_symlink.get(current_file, 'l' in flags) if current_file in self.current_files: data = self.current_files[current_file] - if is_link: - assert data.startswith('link ') + if is_link and data.startswith('link '): + #assert data.startswith('link ') data = data[len('link '):] else: data = parent_ctx.filectx(path).data()

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  1. Patrick M├ęzard

    I am mirroring the matplotlib svn repository right now, it will takes an hour or two.

    I suppose you have a problem with 'trunk/matplotlib/doc/static_figs/' ?

    """ Property changes on: trunk/matplotlib/doc/static_figs/ _____________ Deleted: svn:special - * Added: svn:eol-style + native """"

    What's strange is I cannot reproduce the issue in a test, even one producing exactly the same diff. I will wait and see what happens with the real repo.

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