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Issue #42 resolved
Graham Booker created an issue

It would be nice if hgsubversion can do filemap in the same manner which convert does. Perhaps starting with include/exclude, since renaming could cause issues with push.

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  1. Patrick M├ęzard

    I am not sure this should be done, filemap brings in a lot of complexity. I don't see hgsubversion as a conversion tool but as something giving you interoperability with svn. convert already suffered a lot trying to do both.

  2. Graham Booker reporter

    I actually see hgsubversion as a useful conversion tool, especially since it for some things, it does a much better job. Convert is incapable of catching deleted branches, where as hgsubversion can. I converted a repository, and convert missed over a hundred changesets that hgsubversion found.

    Anyway, just supporting include/exclude should be simple enough, at least on pull. Rename is a mess on pull, and gets even more messy on push, so it should likely be excluded. If I learn enough python, maybe I can write it.

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