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I'm in a classic svn scenario: trunk + stable branches, we have a policy that enforces only bugfixes on stable branches and mege of the fixes on trunk I was trying to figure how to do that working with hgsubversion and I came out with an ugly workflow/patch (here in windows):

1) Do the merge with a graf from stable to trunk in mercurial

2) Get the merge info from trunk using an empty repo

svn co --depth empty svn://oursvnserver/ourproduct/trunk c:\temp\trunk svn propget svn:mergeinfo > c:\temp\merginfo.txt c```:\temp\trunk

3) Update c:\temp\merginfo.txt adding the grafted revision numbers (svn numbers) in the correct branch line

4) Update the merginfo

svn propset svn:mergeinfo --file c:\temp\merginfo.txt c:\temp\trunk

whould it be possible to do that with the python bindings?

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