committing non-closed branch as empty with no files assertion

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Issue #44 resolved
freshhawk created an issue

Got this error message:

File "/home/**/lib/hgsubversion/", line 458, in commit_current_delta assert False, 'Got asked to commit non-closed branch as empty with no files. Please report this issue.'

when running svnclone.

What other information can i provide to help resolve this bug? Unfortunately i can't make the svn repo where the problem occurs public.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    If I could at least see log output that would help a lot (log output from subversion for the failing revision). At that point, I can at least ask questions intelligently...

  2. freshhawk reporter

    Bug closed. I wasn't aware of the order that svnclone would import revs from subversion and didn't look far enough back in the logs. I thought a fairly innocuous changeset was triggering this but that wasn't the case.

    Apparently this code base used to have a non-standard directory structure which was updated to a trunk/branches/tags structure before i started working on it.

    It was the rev which created these folders at root level that was causing the error, not something I would have filed a bug report for given the documentation that hgsubversion expects a standard structure.

    I suppose now i'm hoping for the #14 ticket to be completed.

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