Clone WebKit fails stupid mode with subversion 1.9

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Issue #454 new
Leo Drachenfeuer created an issue

I have tried to clone WebKit with hgsubversion on my mac.

It`s fails on

[r12364] thatcher: Build fix.

with this messages

Your SVN repository may not be supplying correct replay deltas. It is strongly
advised that you repull the entire SVN repository using hg pull --stupid.
Alternatively, re-pull just this revision using --stupid and verify that the
changeset is correct.

But stupid mode not supported with subversion 1.9

it seems to work with swig but it is very slow

please contact me, when i can help

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Are you able to svnsync the repo? Do you know what version of subversion the server is running?

    Consider emailing the hgsubversion google group for a more interactive discussion.


  2. Leo Drachenfeuer reporter

    Thanks for your fast answer.

    I will suscribe the google mail group

    I am a freelancer in germany.

    So it could take some days to find time for next investigation

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