Test failures on 1.8.6

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Dmitrij Czarkoff created an issue

I am using hgsubversion on OpenBSD -current (snapshot from 2016-05-28) with subversion 1.9.4, swig bindings.

With update to 1.8.6 I see 6 more tests failures:

$ grep FAIL hgsubversion-1.8.[56].log
hgsubversion-1.8.5.log:FAIL: test_rename (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.5.log:FAIL: test_rename stupid (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.5.log:FAIL: test_rename_with_prefix (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.5.log:FAIL: test_rename_with_prefix stupid (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.5.log:FAILED (failures=4, errors=1)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_fetch_movetotrunk (test_fetch_command.TestStupidPull)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_fetch_movetotrunk stupid (test_fetch_command.TestStupidPull)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_fetch_revert (test_fetch_command.TestStupidPull)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_fetch_revert stupid (test_fetch_command.TestStupidPull)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_rename (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_rename stupid (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_rename_with_prefix (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_rename_with_prefix stupid (test_fetch_renames.TestFetchRenames)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_svn_keywords (test_template_keywords.TestLogKeywords)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAIL: test_svn_revsets (test_template_keywords.TestLogKeywords)
hgsubversion-1.8.6.log:FAILED (failures=10, errors=1)

Test logs attached.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    What version of hg are you using?

    Some of the new failures you're claiming to see on 1.8.6 are things that were explicitly fixed by 1.8.6, eg ae4bdba90e7b, so I'm more than a little skeptical here of the problem. Does openbsd patch its subversion at all from stock?

  2. Dmitrij Czarkoff reporter

    I am using mercurial 3.6.1. Our subversion is only slightly patched to follow library versioning scheme - no changes that would impact its operation.

  3. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Okay. I'll try to look at any possible 3.6.1 bugs, but I'm inclined to not do anything - 3.6.x is vulnerable to at least two remote code execution CVEs. You should update to 3.8.x ASAP.

  4. Dmitrij Czarkoff reporter

    Yes, with 3.8.3 I am back to the same two failures that are seen in 1.8.5. Any update on these?

  5. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Nothing to report. Those tests pass fine in my environments (OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. The last of those with the current development version of hg and svn 1.9.4's swig bindings). I'm inclined to say it's something environmental about your setup, but I'm not sure where to start. Does the Mercurial testsuite pass? What about the Subversion testsuite?

  6. Dmitrij Czarkoff reporter

    Test suits for both mercurial and subversion pass. I am building hgsubversion as a port, so my environment is almost empty.

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