Tests don't complete on Fedora Rawhide (28)

Issue #469 new
David Johansen
created an issue

The tests hang on this one: test_push_over_svnserve (test_push_command.PushTests) ...

What can I do to figure out what's going wrong?

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Huh. So I've done:

    $ docker run -v `pwd`:/hgsubversion --tty --interactive --rm fedora:28 bash -l
    # dnf install mercurial python-subversion subversion
    # pip install nose
    # cd /hgsubversion
    # nosetests -v -s tests/test_push_command.py
    # nosetests -v tests/test_push_command.py

    and both nosetests runs complete successfully, without hanging or anything. I've got no ideas. 🤔

    Does it still reliably break for you?

  2. David Johansen reporter

    I just tried with 1.9.1 and it doesn't lock up anymore, but these 5 tests now fail:

    test_updatehgsub (test_externals.TestFetchExternals) ... ERROR test_push_hgsub (test_externals.TestPushExternals) ... ERROR test_push_hgsub obsolete (test_externals.TestPushExternals) ... ERROR Test 'clone --branch' ... ERROR Test 'clone --updaterev' ... ERROR

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